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Did you know that recession in the economy is fuelling and encouraging cyber crime across the world?
Cybercrime is thriving in the era of cutback and layoffs, and has now surpassed illegal drug trafficking as a criminal moneymaker.

Cybercrime covers a wide range of different threats, all involving computers and networks. The most common ones are hacking, theft, cyber stalking, identity theft, malicious software and abuse.

This makes it more important than ever to invest in IT security.

Here are three good reasons to invest in IT security during times of recession:

1. Rise in available computer talent
Thousands of computer-literate people are losing their jobs, giving them lots of leisure time. Many of them are turning their hand to cybercrime. The growth of social networking websites is also providing cybercriminals with new areas for recruitment.

2. Insider threat increases
Economic recession can force companies to cut down on their workforce and to downsize the salaries of their employees. As a result, disgruntled employees may steal confidential or proprietary information and sell it to competitors for a profit.

3. Less focus on cyber security
This is the prime factor of which the cyber criminals are taking advantage. As governments and companies are focusing on the economic downturn, IT security and the fight against cybercrime slips down their agenda. This is creating an opportunity for cybercrime to escalate in severity.


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