BT3, Blue Team Training Toolkit, computer network defense analysis training, create realistic computer attack scenario

Blue Team Training Toolkit (BT3) version 1.1 is now released with documentation updates and minor adjustments. We have also made a brand new BT3 video series.

Blue Team Training Toolkit is an attempt to introduce improvements in current computer network defense analysis training. Based on adversary replication techniques, and with reusability in mind, BT3 allows individuals and organizations to create realistic computer attack scenarios, while reducing infrastructure costs, implementation time and risk.

The Blue Team Training Toolkit is written in Python, and it includes the latest versions of Encripto’s Maligno and Pcapteller.

Check out the BT3 user guide, or the Blue Team Training Toolkit Video Series for practical examples.

In our Blue Team Training Toolkit (BT3) video series you will find:

  • Introduction
    Introduction to Blue Team Training Toolkit and common challenges when preparing Computer Network Defense Analysis training sessions.
  • Installation
    First steps and installation of the Blue Team Training Toolkit.
  • Malware Simulation
    Malware simulation with the Blue Team Training Toolkit, and Oldrea malware profile.
  • Network traffic manipulation and replay
    Attack simulation through network traffic manipulation and replay with the Blue Team Training Toolkit.