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Most software suppliers are highly skilled at what they do. Their developers are experts at building systems, and making things work. Hackers do however have a completely different mindset. Their focus are on how to break things, and on how to exploit functionality in systems.

Because of this, software suppliers can benefit from conducting security testing in several ways.

Security Testing Benefits for Software Suppliers

  • To get a solution analyzed from a hacker’s perspective will help the developers to get a better understanding of the security issues, and on how they can be avoided in the future.
  • Bugs and mistakes are inevitable even with highly qualified developers. By conducting security testing, suppliers get a chance to discover vulnerabilities, and to fix them, before they get exploited.
  • Customers expect suppliers to keep their information safe. The results from a security test can be presented as documentation of the security in the solution.
  • If a software customer requests to initiate a security test on their own, the supplier will have an idea of what the result will look like.
  • A high level of security is also an excellent sales advantage that can be used in marketing. Nowadays all prominent software suppliers have security as a top concern.

What is Security Testing?

A professional security test for web applications involves a complete analysis of the application and the web infrastructure that hosts it. The purpose is to identify weaknesses, vulnerabilities and other security issues.

What Should a Security Test Cover?

A security test should include a significant portion of manual work and creativity, to find security issues that automated tools miss. Look for security tests that follow internationally recognized methodology. When it comes to web security, OWASP is the most complete methodology. Learn more about how to choose the best value supplier, and how to prepare for a security test.