BT3, Blue Team Training Toolkit, computer network defense analysis training, create realistic computer attack scenario

Blue Team Training Toolkit (BT3) is software for defensive security training, which will bring your network analysis training sessions, incident response drills and red team engagements to a new level. The toolkit allows you to create realistic computer attack scenarios, while reducing infrastructure costs, implementation time and risk.

Blue Team Training Toolkit Video Series have now been updated with several new videos. Check it out for practical examples on how to use the toolkit.

List of Blue Team Training Toolkit Videos

In our Blue Team Training Toolkit (BT3) video series you will find the following videos:

  • Introduction
    Introduction to the Blue Team Training Toolkit and common challenges when preparing training sessions.
  • Installation
    First steps and installation of the Blue Team Training Toolkit.
  • Malware Simulation
    Malware simulation with the Blue Team Training Toolkit, and Oldrea malware profile.
  • Content Subscription
    Learn about BT3 content subscription, which gives you access to free and premium training materials ready for use with Blue Team Training Toolkit (BT3).