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Blue Team Training Toolkit (BT3) is software for defensive security training. The toolkit allows you to create realistic computer attack scenarios, while reducing infrastructure costs, implementation time and risk.

Blue Team Training Toolkit also offers an optional content subscription via an online API, which includes realistic network traffic related to a wide range of network attacks, mock malware samples, and important malware indicator profiles. The online library is growing constantly, and ensures a “plug & play” experience, when planning and preparing a training session.

This blog post will document the most important aspects of creating a subscription account.

Content Subscription Account Creation

New content subscription accounts can be created with “apisignup”. This should start a wizard that will guide you through the creation process.

Starting the BT3 API account creation process

The first step during the account creation process will require you to read and accept the Blue Team Training Toolkit terms and conditions, and privacy policy.

Step 1 – Accepting the BT3 terms and conditions, and privacy policy

The second step will gather some basic information about you (full name).

Step 2 – Some basic personal information will be gathered

The third step will require you to choose a content license (Personal or Enterprise), according to the terms and conditions already accepted in the previous steps.

Step 3 – Selecting a content subscription license

The forth step ask you to provide a valid e-mail address, which will be used as user name and for password recovery purposes. BT3 will proceed to create your account once your e-mail address is provided. You will be able to verify your account and set credentials as soon as this process is finished.

Step 4 – Providing an e-mail address as user name

The fifth step will proceed to verify the given e-mail address. A security code will be sent via e-mail, and should be provided as account verification proof.

Step 5 – E-mail verification process

The last step will allow you to set your credentials.

Step 6 – Setting credentials

Your account should be ready for use at this point.

Successful account creation

Check out the BT3 user guide, or the Blue Team Training Toolkit Video Series for practical examples.

You can also download the Blue Team Training Toolkit and test it for yourself!