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Application Security Testing

In today’s interconnected digital landscape, safeguarding your applications is not just a priority, it is a necessity. Application security testing will help you fortify your digital assets against evolving cyber threats.

Application security testing involves a complete analysis of the application. The purpose is to identify weaknesses, vulnerabilities and other security issues that could be exploited by malicious actors, and fix them in order to make the system more resistant to security threats.

The result of a security test is a detailed report, which shows how the vulnerabilities affect the company and its operations. It also includes a prioritized remediation plan with specific solutions. This means that you can fix the security issues right away.

Some of the benefits of the testing include:

  • Risk Mitigation
    Identifying and remediating vulnerabilities before they are exploited, help minimize the risk of costly data breaches and reputational damage.
  • Enhanced Performance
    Streamlining the application’s performance by eliminating security loopholes that could impact its functionality or user experience.
  • Compliance and Assurance
    Ensuring compliance with industry regulations and standards by proactively addressing security vulnerabilities and maintaining a robust security posture.

Security testing is recommended on a regular basis, as the threats are constantly evolving and new functionality is developed for the application. How often you should perform a security test, depends on the number of changes and the release schedule of the application during the course of a year.

On a general basis, Encripto recommends conducting a full security test once a year. In addition to this, we recommend conducting smaller security tests when launching revised versions or new functionality. By incorporating the testing at these key stages, organizations can proactively identify and remediate security vulnerabilities, which results in more secure and resilient applications.

Encripto has different security tests for applications, including desktop, mobile or web applications.

Guide – Web application security testing

Encripto often gets questions about the recommended security level for different types of applications. We have therefore written a guide that answers these questions.
Encripto’s web application security testing follows OWASP. The OWASP Application Security Verification Standard (ASVS) provides the foundations for how security in web applications can be verified.

Why Choose Encripto

  • We are passionate about information security, and believe in delivering results.
  • We believe in using knowledge and creativity, rather than relying on automated tools.
  • In our communication, we emphasize that both management and technical staff understand the message.
  • Our security tests include a remediation plan with specific solutions, which allows you to fix the uncovered security issues right away.
  • A flat organizational structure allows us to be flexible and accessible to our customers.

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