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Network Security Monitoring

Did you know that antivirus and firewalls are no longer enough to protect your business?
Only the most basic computer attacks and virus infections will today be stopped by antivirus and firewalls.

95% of current computer attacks occurs via infection through e-mail or web. A single infected user can compromise the corporate network, and it will be almost impossible to detect without the proper tools. Encripto have the tools and expertise to help you take back control.

With network security monitoring from Encripto, we will detect, analyze and report suspicious activity in your network. In this way, you will get a better overview of threats and security incidents in your network. You also get the opportunity to respond early during incidents and handle them in a timely manner. We offer a flexible solution, scaled to small and medium-sized businesses that want good security at a reasonable price.

Network Security Subscription

Security requires continuous work, and Encripto’s network security subscription can help your organization depending on your needs. The subscription is based on three different service levels:

Pcapteller – A Useful Tool for Network Security Monitoring Training

Encripto’s open source tool Pcapteller is designed for traffic manipulation and replay. The tool can be used for training IT staff in detecting computer attacks.
You can learn how to use it step by step with our descriptive blog post.

Why Choose Encripto

      • We are passionate about information security, and believe in delivering results.
      • We believe in using knowledge and creativity, rather than relying on automated tools.
      • In our communication, we emphasize that both management and technical staff understand the message.
      • Our security tests include a remediation plan with specific solutions, which allows you to fix the uncovered security issues right away.
      • A flat organizational structure allows us to be flexible and accessible to our customers.

Why Others Have Chosen Encripto

Good communication, good references and reasonable price.
Project Customer
Services similar to yours were also supplied by others. We chose you, even if you were more expensive. The reason was professionalism and that we got a good understanding of what the delivery was going be.
Project Customer
Requires little work on our side. Pleasant conversations and a trustworthy partner.
Project Customer
Agile, personal follow-up, easy to get in touch with the right person, great service and rapid delivery.
Project Customer
High level of expertise and good references. Ability and willingness to understand our solution.
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