Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment

In a vulnerability assessment automated tools will mainly be used and no vulnerabilities will be exploited. The objective is to efficiently locate known vulnerabilities. The vulnerability assessment is only one of the phases in a complete security test.

The vulnerability assessment focuses on width over depth, and is well suited for regular security maintenance. It is also useful as a first step towards increased security in an organization with limited resources.

If you want to simulate a cyber attack and understand the consequences of vulnerabilities being exploited, you should perform a penetration test. Such a test will tell you whether it is possible to break into the company’s network and achieve specific goals.

Industry standards recommend at least quarterly vulnerability assessments, along with scans after substantial changes in firewall configuration, discovery of significant new vulnerabilities, and adding new externally exposed systems.

Guide – Vulnerability Assessment and Security Testing

Encripto has written a guide for network security testing, where you can find tips related to recommended testing frequency, scope and methodology.

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